Interview with Brian C. Stiller

Love Movement Interview with Dr. Brian C. Stiller – Global Ambassador World Evangelical Alliance. Video produced by Dr. Brian C. Stiller will also be appearing in Love Movement’s upcoming documentary about “The Search for Love.”

Cairo, Egypt

Whether you travel the chaotic streets of Cairo, or cruise down the ambling waters of the Nile, it is clear that Egypt — ancient, rich in culture, sounds, architecture and ruins — is in the middle of political and social revolution. One can still feel the revolutionary spirit in Tahrir Square, the downtown public plaza … Continue reading

When in Rome

When in Rome . . . I don’t often receive an invitation from the Vatican to accompany the Pope, so when it came I accepted. Encouraged by our General Secretary, Geoff Tunnicliffe, I joined him on the pilgrimage to Assisi. First some history. Francis of Assisi (1181 to 1226) founded the Franciscans, an order devoted … Continue reading

Punching above their Weight

Traveling the north east coast of Japan, walking the devastated areas washed into rubble by a mighty tsunami is overwhelming. Physically the trauma caused by the earthquake and 50 foot high waves is incalculable 20,000 deaths. Areas now contaminated by radiation that will be unused for thousands of years. Land sunken by the weight of … Continue reading

This was a Jaw Dropper

Even though I’ve seen the church at work in many countries and among hosts of tribes, I was not prepared for what I witnessed in Jakarta,Indonesia. Lily and I were attending the Global Christian Forum, a new and creative venture bringing together representatives of 90% of Christians world wide. En route we visited Kirk and … Continue reading