The Raw Nerve of Faith

February 21, 2012  This past week the White House andCanada’s Supreme Court both touched a raw nerve. They rubbed up against a debate disconcerting many North Americans: what does it mean to be religious (in these cases Christian) and in what places does religion have legally approved space to live?  It happened this way. The … Continue reading

Egypt – Where it Goes, No one Knows

Egyptian specialists conversing in Washington on February 7-8, 2012 seemed the perfect combination to discern Egypt’s future and the role Christians might have in its public and civil society. We learned answers are hard to come by. It was only months ago that the country celebrated the fall of its dictator, President Mubarak. It was … Continue reading

Evangelicals and the U. S. elections: a view from the outside

February 1, 2012  How is it that Evangelicals figure so prominently in the current Republican race for its presidential candidate? That question both intrigues and troubles Evangelicals outside the United States. In their drive to secure votes, have Republican politicians turned Evangelicals into just another political subgroup, alongside seniors or gun owners?  For those of … Continue reading