A new epic film of the Bible in the works

I’ve just spent four days in the desert of Morocco at a world class film centre in a hard-to-pronounce Ouarzazate where Lawrence of Arabia and Gladiator, among dozens upon dozens of other films have been produced. (Google it and check out what has been nicknamed “The door to the desert.”) This ten hour story of … Continue reading

“Born Again” a mystifying metaphor or convenient political category?

Canadians may be surprised to know that being “born again” is neither a new idea, nor one reserved for people from places the bus doesn’t run. Our first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald was even born again. Cable news, in the race for the GOP nomination, categorize voters in groups such as “evangelical/born again” … Continue reading

Why Islamic Rage over burning the Qur’an?

Dispatch – Why Islamic Rage over burning the Qur’an?  Months ago, we watched in amazement as Islamic believers killed Christians after “Pastor” Jones in Florida had his own burning of the Qur’an. More recently, explosive-filled trucks, suicide bombers, gun-firing civilians and Afghani soldiers have led murderous charges based on reports that soldiers burned Qur’ans. We … Continue reading