A letter from a Christian leader in Syria

We listen and watch each day to the unfolding debacle and horror unfolding in Syria. Attached is a note from a Christian brother. Read this and in your prayers be mindful of their need.

Dear Friends,

Through everything you hear about this country, you might feel hopeless and sympathetic for the country and our people.

My thoughts have been around our hope in the things that we have been living for as Christians. Recently I began to think and ask myself, “What are we afraid of in this life?” Is it evilness? And do we try to think how we can fight evil and create the perfect world? Or is it death that we try to avoid, by creating the perfect world? With stories of people being emotionally, physically and psychologically hurt, much blood has been sacrificed in this country. We see people are fighting on both side claiming to be doing the right thing and in the name of God.

Last month has been bit hard for us here. We are trying to stay safe and managing our life within curfews for safety. During the last few weeks we slept while hearing the sounds of heavy bullets in the background, which is not easy to sleep through. We think one day we can get used to it, but we are hoping that it won’t get to that point. With that, the reason we are here is stronger than the sounds we hear or the curfews we put in place for our safety. We are truly seeing His mighty hands in the life of our Church and people. We are seeing doors to share the truth with many of the Syrian people. I can’t fathom all the doors God is opening up for the Church to speak the truth into people’s lives.

Many people have been moving to Damascus for refuge. So many people have fled their cities and towns because of the fighting going on. People have been kicked out of their home by extremists. Many did not want to leave, but they have gotten threatened to leave.

-Please pray for strength for the leaders of the church in Syria.
-Please pray for safety for our churches and for our people.
-Pray that we can keep holding steadfast to the promise of God to the church and the body of Christ in Syria as we proclaim the Truth of Jesus.

A Christian leader in Syria.

Brian C. Stiller
Global Ambassador, World Evangelical Alliance

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