ISIS – What is it? Where did it come from?

ISIS (Daesh)* is a flowering thorn attached to a stem and rooted in a life-sustaining soil. ISIS is the bloom; an extremist messianic Wahhabism (Salafism) is the stem; its soil, a longing to return to radical Islamic tradition, to expel Western influence from the Middle East, and to launch global Islamic rule. To mix metaphors: … Continue reading

Following Christ Together

Jesus promised us we would face persecution. Killings, discrimination, persecution come with the cross.    When a Christian is beheaded, thrown in a cage, doused with gas and then set aflame, or when a family is rooted out, threatened with “convert, pay tax, be killed or leave,” Christians quickly come to their defense Heroic Christian faith … Continue reading

The First of its Kind

The idea of writing this book first came to me when browsing through a bookstore in Florida. I came across Evangelicals for Idiots. Amused, I flipped through it. It was well written and accurate in its contents, but it only talked about Americans. I knew it was time we did one for the world. So … Continue reading