The power of unity in global advocacy and witness

To my readers of Dispatch, today I’m taking a brief excursion from our usual pattern to look at a world body, formed in 1846, and today the gravitational center of Evangelicals. While the debate about Evangelicals, in North America, has focused on political voting patterns, worldwide, issues are different, needs are more human based and opportunities for spiritual transformation everywhere.

So today, let me introduce you to this global center of spiritual and organizational life in these next few paragraphs, then click on the Annual Report and see this global community of faith, and its wide and empowering work.

The Global Christian community has changed

The center of the global church is moving from old Catholic hierarchies and Protestant liberalism to a Spirit-led horizon of Bible-centered movements. Historically, no religious community has experienced such amazing growth as Evangelicals in the past six decades: from 90 million in 1960 to over 600 million today and still growing.

This growth has opened up enormous opportunities for Evangelicals to influence the world. But because of our decentralized nature, Evangelicals have no center like the Vatican. Thus, we need a Spirit-guided way to come together in unity, to communicate our identity, encourage fellowship, champion biblical theology, and catalyze effective, collaborative action.

The World Evangelical Alliance has become that natural center—globally, regionally and nationally. As the largest network of Evangelicals worldwide, we foster unity, preserve core Evangelical theology, advocate on behalf of communities and those persecuted, and strengthen and assist the Evangelical community in discipleship and witnessing for Christ.

Click HERE to get a quick overview.

Brian C. Stiller
Global Ambassador
The World Evangelical Alliance
March 2021

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