Henri Nouwen: podcasts 1, 2 & 3

If you know of Henri Nouwen, jump down to the next paragraph. However if you don’t, let me introduce you to him. A Catholic priest and global pastor, he wrote 39 books, published in 30 languages. He journeyed from Holland to Harvard and Yale, and then to a community north of Toronto called L’Arche, a living place for adults with disabilities. This gave him a profound understanding and insight into how our spiritual lives intersect with our daily existence.

Attached are all 3 podcasts 1, 2 & 3. Henri and I videotaped these in 1995, just months before his untimely death. We spent hours together giving me opportunity to probe his mind on a variety of matters. We talked about life, ministry callings, personal and communal struggles, and our hopes and fears.

In the first podcast, I explore his life and family in Holland. Henri describes his childhood and his early desire to serve Christ. We will also learn about how he crossed the often-sharp divide between Catholics and Evangelicals. His unabashed love for Christ overcame distinctions, and his deep understanding of the Father’s love for us his children obliterated the boundaries that typically separate religious tribes.

In this second podcast, we deal with the idea of “hope“ and how that is so distinguished from “wish.“ This for Henri enabled him to live with the dying. As he notes, it isn’t optimism but hope.

I’m sure you will appreciate his unique take on prayer. Henri, as I learned, was not a calm or relaxed person. His mind quick, creating hybrids of thoughts and going in directions one would not have expected. This is of course what makes this conversation with him so delightful.

The third podcast takes us into his most famous reflection on the Prodigal Son and Henri’s experience in seeing Rembrandt’s painting. This piece, alone, will be worth the entire series.

So dear friend, it is over to you, suggesting that as this is helpful to you, you may want to pass it one to others.

Just click here to access all three: https://henrinouwen.org/now-then-brian-stiller/

Also I suggest you sign up with the Henri Nouwen Center.
Go to the website – henrinouwen.org, and sign up to receive the free daily meditation selected from the writings of Henri Nouwen. Also to sign up for Daily Meditations go to Join Our Community | Henri Nouwen Society 

Brian C. Stiller
Global Ambassador
The World Evangelical Alliance
April 2021

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