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Join the Conversation

My father‘s grandparents came from Sweden last century. Most in Canada can trace their lineage to migrants coming from somewhere. Today’s world is awash in movements of people for a whole number of reasons: war, family, opportunities, jobs, family, faith.


What we often miss is how today’s waves of migration are changing our landscape. Dr. Sam George, himself a migrant, unwraps this phenomenal global movement.


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The landscape of faith has changed as 25 % of Christians today are Evangelical. Who are they? What is core to their growth? What ideas and movements shape and drive their faith?

As Global Ambassador of this community’s worldwide centre (the World Evangelical Alliance – WEA), Brian Stiller traverses the world literally and through technology, meeting people with ideas and initiatives to mobilize and speak for this community, estimated now to be 650 million.

Voices in the World – Join the conversation.

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