Evangelical Churches and the Palestinian Authority

I find it ironic that where Jesus was raised—in the backyard of his earthly life—Evangelical churches were disallowed status to marry, own buildings, and even have a bank account. The good story is that which once was, no longer is. The good news came in November by way of Pastor Munir Kakish at the WEA’s … Continue reading

Does it matter where Jesus was born?

Sorry, Jesus wasn’t born in an Inn or a hotel. Memories embedded with romantic pictures of Jesus’ birth are quite impossible to rewrite. Retold by Christmas pageants, reminded by carols and pictures replenish what we think happened at Jesus’ birth. I know it so well I hardly need a sermon, picture, movie or song to … Continue reading

Beyond remnants

Regardless of one’s politics, it is impossible not to be overwhelmed by the stories, artifacts and pictures of the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City. The horror of conflict they depict is tangible. The veteran missionary couple who took me there could not complete the tour and said they would not come again. … Continue reading

Closing of churches in Algeria

Just days ago, Christians joined in a public protest against the Algerian government for shutting down churches. This is unusual. Algeria is an Islamic state. Christians here fear for their very existence. Usually they work out these matters behind closed doors. But this time it was different. Christians (specifically Protestants/ Evangelicals) sufficiently frustrated by the … Continue reading

The art of holding your nose

Negotiating with countries on issues such as persecution and violation of human and religious rights is complicated. We are constrained or motivated by bias, which often means we end up supporting one political regime, but on the same basis, reject what another is doing, when they both may appear similar.  Inadvertently, we choose one side … Continue reading