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Join the Conversation My father‘s grandparents came from Sweden last century. Most in Canada can trace their lineage to migrants coming from somewhere. Today’s world is awash in movements of people for a whole number of reasons: war, family, opportunities, jobs, family, faith.   What we often miss is how today’s waves of migration are … Continue reading

A first century story for the 21st

Yassir Eric’s story highlights one of the most important and exciting movements in the global Christian church today. Christians all over the world should be celebrating and supporting the acts of bold 21st-century apostles such as Yassir. At age 19, Yassir Eric, living in Sudan, was a radicalized Muslim. He had memorized much of the … Continue reading

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Join the Conversation In matters of Christian leadership, the church too often has lagged in bringing to the fore the leadership of women. Esme Bower speaks into this issue. Join me in this remarkable journey of faith and leadership.   Click here to listen to this episode: Apple Podcast, Spotify or Google.   The landscape … Continue reading

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Join the Conversation Who sets the boundaries of human rights in the world? While the United Nations in Geneva have the global assignment for monitoring the rights of people, it takes pressure from activists to make known violations and to press governments to respond. Wissam al-Saliby is a forceful presence in Geneva. I’d like you … Continue reading

Ukraine: what might be a Post-COVID church

Will the COVID-19 pandemic result in a long-term barrier to effective church life? For close to two years, public worship has been curtailed in various ways, from complete shutdowns to masking and social distancing. Now an important question is rattling around in conversations among pastors and church leaders: will people return to church? While for … Continue reading