Meet my friend, Henri Nouwen

Henri Nouwen was a Catholic priest, but a large portion of his audience was Evangelicals. Nouwen wrote 39 books, which have been published in 30 languages. His journey from Holland to the halls of Harvard and Yale, and then to the community north of Toronto where he chose to live with and care for adults … Continue reading

The power of unity in global advocacy and witness

To my readers of Dispatch, today I’m taking a brief excursion from our usual pattern to look at a world body, formed in 1846, and today the gravitational center of Evangelicals. While the debate about Evangelicals, in North America, has focused on political voting patterns, worldwide, issues are different, needs are more human based and … Continue reading

How Do Non-American Evangelicals Respond to the U.S.?

Now that Donald Trump has left the White House, how should Evangelicals outside the United States of America view this experience, and what counsel might they be able to offer their American brothers and sisters? Many non-Americans ask for my view on what has been transpiring recently in the US. Here are some thoughts. In … Continue reading

What Would Nehemiah Do?

The year 2020 was one of the bloodiest years yet for Christian believers. Every single day eight Christians are killed, 23 Christians are raped or sexually harassed, and 10 Christians are unjustly arrested or imprisoned because of their faith. During 2020, there were more than 9,000 attacks on Christian churches in 51 countries as reported … Continue reading

A welcome example of pushback

One indisputable feature of Evangelicals is that we don’t always get along. All sorts of factors play into our lives; our hometowns, family history and schooling influence how we think, feel and vote. In our human brokenness, disunity is often a factor that plays into all we are and what we do. So, how then … Continue reading