Surprising places of witness

As I walked into the United Nations building in New York to meet Secretary General Antonio Guterres, I recalled a preacher who predicted that this world body was the coming world government, as he said had been prophesised in The Revelation. Added to that ominous prediction of its coming role many view the United Nations as … Continue reading

China, the continuing enigma

I’m frequently asked, “What is the current state of the church in China?” China is big news in the West, on many fronts. Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are nose to nose in a global economic poker game. Who will blink first is what pundits debate. In the U.S. and Canada, major television networks … Continue reading

Turkey’s Jewel

Now and then one stumbles across a treasure simple and plain but of inestimable value. I didn’t find it while traversing the steps of the many mosques in Istanbul—not in Hagia Sophia nor in the Sultan Ahmed, called “the Blue Mosque.” Nor did I find it among the used classic book section in the Grand … Continue reading

Finding light in darkness: the Myanmar tragedy

As I walked among the glistening gold-plated stupas of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar (formerly Burma), it was hard to believe that just miles north, a genocide took place masterminded by the country’s military. A people-name once unknown, the Rohingyas, is now a common point of our conversations. But even as we assume the … Continue reading

It’s more than great food

Aromas from open kitchens scent the night air as I walk the narrow streets of old Hanoi. It’s time for evening dinner: Sidewalk restaurants filled with children and adults spill out their happy chatter, all busy with eating in one of my favorite places in the world. Anthony Bourdain, the recently deceased gourmet globe trotter … Continue reading