Brazil -A New Force in Mission

Brazil is huge. A population of two hundred million live in a land mass slightly smaller than the United States or China. It’s Amazon basin, over seven million square kilometers is rich in unexplored terrain, home to more than a third of known species, expansive as “lungs” of the globe, its seeming endless river winds … Continue reading

When is a heresy a cult?

Spiritual movements produce bizarre and often cult-like offshoots. Nowhere is this truer than in Brazil. The explosion of Christian faith in Latin America, and indeed in the world, occurs in an environment where ideas framed by hope, accelerate popularity of some giving influence to self-proclaimed prophets. The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God is … Continue reading

Argentina: an epic of faith

If you think you have grasped the history of Argentina by seeing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Evita, or having heard “Don’t cry for me, Argentina,” at least do a Google search. The roller-coaster story of politics and economics in this eighth- largest country in the world is like few others. Named because of its rich silver … Continue reading

Venezuela: a nation stumbling to collapse

What do you do when your country is in free fall? When lineups for basic foodstuffs wind around the block, and hours later when you get your turn, the shelves are bare? When the police stop you anywhere and everywhere, peering into your vehicle, checking your status? When homicides in the capital alone can average … Continue reading

It’s not as Hopeless as it Seems

We stood at the dividing line of North and South Korea, the 38th Parallel.  North Korean soldiers, ramrod stiff, peered at us through binoculars as we looked from the south side of the border to North Korea, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: DPRK. I knew that somewhere above the dividing line was a Canadian … Continue reading