An Open Letter to Evangelicals

Hidden during this pandemic is another virus, one affecting our church communities, countries, and the world. It doesn’t raise the body temperature or cause shortness of breath; it doesn’t diminish one’s ability to taste or smell. It can’t be detected by a nasal swab or discovered by taking one’s temperature. Neither can one be cured … Continue reading

Hope in Crisis – Episode 1

Greetings, in these days of being sequestered and home bound, I’ve written a series called Hope in Crisis. Here is the video that you can watch or listen to. Or below is the copy.     Please feel free to send either the YouTube link ( or the copy below on to others. ### It … Continue reading

How Early Christians Handled Their ‘COVID-19’

Today most of us sit confined in our homes, unsure of how widespread the COVID-19 virus is in our community, our country, or the world. I frequently open the app counting the global statistics and try to understand what life is like in places where the virus is creating unimaginable havoc. Some have sarcastically dismissed … Continue reading

Padlocking Church Doors

In China, churches are closed, some razed to the ground, pastors charged and imprisoned. Iranian Christians facing religious and political restrictions meet covertly, anchoring their faith in underground fellowships. Nigerians feeling the brutal assault of the Boko Haram strive to protect their churches and families. Indians pressured by new political regulations face a rising tide … Continue reading

Evangelical Churches and the Palestinian Authority

I find it ironic that where Jesus was raised—in the backyard of his earthly life—Evangelical churches were disallowed status to marry, own buildings, and even have a bank account. The good story is that which once was, no longer is. The good news came in November by way of Pastor Munir Kakish at the WEA’s … Continue reading