A Report on Helping in the Ukraine

In the twists and turns of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, now their missiles are hammering away at downtown Kyiv. While Putin and his army focused on eastern and southern Ukraine, their incursions are finding new places further in land. Even so, the counteroffensive is gathering steam, pushing Russia back as the Ukraine people seek to … Continue reading

Doing what one can do

As pictures of Russia’s attack on Ukraine appeared on media, some asked me, “What can I do?” Within hours, a couple friends decided there was something they could do. They promised to supply some funds and asked, “Can you get this money into the country and make sure it is being used to help those … Continue reading

A Week Alongside Ukraine

Days before Russia invaded Ukraine, I received a note from Ruslin Maliuta — an associate also involved in leadership in the WEA — from Kyiv, who said, “I think we are going to need your help.” And so right he was. Days later, Putin invaded. A few days later, a group of Canadians — in Florida … Continue reading

In conversation with Henri Nouwen

A few months before Henry Nouwen passed away, I made some documentaries on his life and thoughts. Here is one of those recordings, done with Karen Pascal, ceo of the Henry Nouwen society. You can get it on one of the following podcast sites. His insights and reflections continue to nurture so many of my … Continue reading

Join the Conversation

Join the Conversation My father‘s grandparents came from Sweden last century. Most in Canada can trace their lineage to migrants coming from somewhere. Today’s world is awash in movements of people for a whole number of reasons: war, family, opportunities, jobs, family, faith.   What we often miss is how today’s waves of migration are … Continue reading