National Prayer Breakfast

The congested lobby of the Washington Hilton emptied as a crowd of 3,800 from 140 countries filed into the massive hall, site of the 2018 National Prayer Breakfast (NPB). This annual global ritual, magnetic in its draw and epic in its influence, is one of a kind.             It began in 1953 when President Eisenhower … Continue reading

From Jerusalem to Timbuktu; A Global Tour of the Spread of Christianity

In a few weeks, InterVarsity Press will release From Jerusalem to Timbuktu; A Global Tour of the Spread of Christianity. Here is the introduction to the book. Also, I’ve included a link to IVP where it can be preordered. I’d be grateful if you would copy this to others of your FB friends or associates. … Continue reading

The Unexpected

Wes Janzen and I walked the empty Saturday morning streets of Kyiv, turned down Shevchenko Street and into the National Arts building, heading up to the fourth floor. The door opened and we stepped into a room of some 200 women. Most seemed older than my 75 years, but I learned most were younger. A … Continue reading

Where yeast is a good metaphor

Pakistan got a black eye by instituting blasphemy laws and by a public outcry over its corresponding results. In effect a neighbor can cry out an accusation that you have blasphemed the prophet or defiled the Quran. This in minutes can escalate into mob rule resulting in a burned down house or death. I asked a businessman … Continue reading

Building bridges of witness

In the turbulent world of international politics, Turkey sits right in the middle. Here in the historic city of Istanbul, the stakes for one- upmanship are growing. On the day I arrived, the president refused entrance to Americans. There are times when my Canadian passport comes in handy. As part of the old Syrian conglomerate … Continue reading