You Need to See it to Believe It

November, 2012 Crushed by foreign occupation (1910-45) then defended by the US, this southern part of the China peninsula rose from the rubble of the 1950’s war into a showroom of industrial capitalism. Seoul is spectacular. Sprouting the usual fare of high rise building, I was struck by their creative variation. Streets lined by late … Continue reading

Sri Lanka – Humility in Service

November, 2012 Drop any notion you have of kindly Buddhists, heading up the Sri Lanka Buddhist dominated government, in this tear-drop of a country, formerly called Ceylon, just a few miles off the south coast of India. Endearing himself to the world, the infectious giggle and gentle warmth of the Dalai Lama, Buddhist leader from … Continue reading

Children Anywhere are Easy To Love

Complicated by a 5,000 year history, plagued by its 330 million Hindu gods, colonized by Germans, Portuguese and British, this one billion plus nation of various peoples is complex beyond a life time of study. I dare not say too little about so much, but to say anything at all I’m intrigued by one slice … Continue reading