Life from the Killing Fields

It was a two hour drive north of the Cambodian city of Siem Reap. The first hour was fine, then backroads, mud holes and wandering cattle. As we drove, Reaksa described the field where his family spent their first night in 1975. Driven by the newly rising communist party the Khmer Rouge, with only three … Continue reading

Changing A Country’s Name Isn’t Enough

If any Christians can be known for following Jesus’ word on being “as wise as serpents and harmless as doves” it is Christians in Myanmar, formerly called Burma. Surviving 50 years of brutal military dictatorship, they are alive and well. I asked how they emerged intact, without elongated stories of suffering and rationale for weakness. … Continue reading

The Power of Initiative

Lying south of China and its assorted neighbors of Thailand, Vietnam and Burma, Malaysia is strung out on a peninsula lying where the China and Andaman Seas connect. It is spectacular in scenery, rich in soil and fertility and complex in religion and politics. Here philanthropists and business men and women met this spring, a … Continue reading

A Chinese Pastor got Right

As I travel from country to country, meeting leaders, pastors, people from all walks of life, I’m intrigued by the health and energy of the witness of the Gospel. I’ve heard much about Thailand from missionaries over the years. However in a recent visit one question kept surfacing. Speaking with pastors, educators, mission leaders and … Continue reading