• Brian C. Stiller, Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) travels the world, meeting leaders in church, politics and service agencies, representing the WEA in places of social, economic and political struggle. His blogging is to broker understanding and highlight the good news of Christian faith. He invites you to share your thoughts, concerns, hopes and dreams on issue's which he has commented.

What can be done when “can’t” isn’t an option

Who would have guessed it would be this rather modest country, Lithuania, who would be the first to push out from under the crumbling Soviet Union to declare independence? But that they did, even though the not-yet-fallen Soviet system sent in troops to try and intimidate the bold and brash who determined enough was enough. … Continue reading


The Church – Poland’s Cultural Glue

It is impossible not to see paw prints marking each country residing alongside the great bear. As others in the region, Poland has been somewhat shaped by her relationship to Russia. Poland has been Christian since its founding in 966 AD. And yet it has a history of being pushed around. The Swedes swept down … Continue reading


Finding the Road to Take

As I pressed the buzzer to open the door to the apartment bloc, I noticed an announcement with information on where  the nearest bomb shelter was. But how could this be? It was Kiev in 2014 in the western Ukraine. People were moving about, living their lives, and yet here was a warning to protect … Continue reading


A Land in need of a Rebirth

A century ago, estimates were that 25 percent of Turkey was Christian. Today it is less than 1 percent. John, in his letters of The Revelation wrote to seven cities in this land. In the last hundred years century, the ancient roots of Christian life have not only been cut off but they’ve been torn … Continue reading


Witness within memory of Soviet presence

Chances are you haven’t visited this Central Asian country, or heard much about it apart from it being where Russian crews land from the space station. Much like Alberta or Montana, sweeping wheat fields kiss high-peaked mountains. Huge in land mass, the ninth largest in the world, but with a small population, this country of … Continue reading


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