Father Bazi, Chaldean Catholic Parish, Erbil Iraq
  • Brian C. Stiller, Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) travels the world, meeting leaders in church, politics and service agencies, representing the WEA in places of social, economic and political struggle. His blogging is to broker understanding and highlight the good news of Christian faith. He invites you to share your thoughts, concerns, hopes and dreams on issue's which he has commented.
Father Bazi, Chaldean Catholic Parish, Erbil Iraq

Amazing Peace In A Region Of Iraq

As I walked toward the meeting hall, several impressive young Iraqis looked my way with smiles of welcome. It was not what I expected for a white-haired male in his 70s, meeting them for the first time. Their hospitality and open reception surprised me because young people are often self-conscious around strangers. Their country, Iraq, … Continue reading

African Church Leaders Taking Hold

Africa, the “dark” continent brought to light by missionary David Livingston, stretches from the Mediterranean in the north to the mixing of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans in the south. Soon to be 1.2 billion, its varied cultures, peoples, religions and economic successes mixed with disasters, is a place of exotic beauty, barren wastelands and … Continue reading

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Life in an Earthquake Zone

The ride to the border of Tibet was long, rough and dangerous as we crawled up the winding mountains roads. During a nine-hour return drive of 100 kilometers, we passed through villages strung out along the mountain road; some were vacant and soulless. In some the people had died, crushed by the falling timber and rocks. In other villages the inhabitants had picked up what they could, leaving … Continue reading


Earthquakes of Faith

A shaking is taking place in the Muslim world with tectonic rumblings. Signs are early and evidence is anecdotal, yet stories abound and are persuasive. The unsettling of entrenched Islamic faith is making its way into places and with people we assumed were closed to conversations about the Christian faith. Returning from the Middle East, … Continue reading

Leaders of Evangelical Confederation in Colombia

The way back

Brutalized by wars of nationhood, guerilla chaos, landowners’ paramilitary bands along with government armies, Colombia still travels a road of social upheaval. Long known in recent years for its brutal and controlling drug cartels, Colombia is now on a road to recovery. In observing that recovery I unearthed an interesting story of one who faced … Continue reading


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