Leaders of Evangelical Confederation in Colombia
  • Brian C. Stiller, Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) travels the world, meeting leaders in church, politics and service agencies, representing the WEA in places of social, economic and political struggle. His blogging is to broker understanding and highlight the good news of Christian faith. He invites you to share your thoughts, concerns, hopes and dreams on issue's which he has commented.
Leaders of Evangelical Confederation in Colombia

The way back

Brutalized by wars of nationhood, guerilla chaos, landowners’ paramilitary bands along with government armies, Colombia still travels a road of social upheaval. Long known in recent years for its brutal and controlling drug cartels, Colombia is now on a road to recovery. In observing that recovery I unearthed an interesting story of one who faced … Continue reading


Venezuela, on the edge of collapse

I sat looking into the brown eyes of a beautiful twenty-one-year-old university student, Sairam. Her face was framed by dark long hair; she folded her hands and quietly said in English, “Dr. Brian, we are sitting on a time bomb.” Just out of six months in Helicoide Prison for her public protest against the government, this fourth-year student … Continue reading


Refusing to be Looked Down On

Jogging through the city of Tegucigalpa in the early morning seemed like a normal activity, until a pastor frowned: “We are the number one killing country in the world. Best you find another way to exercise.” Even so, as I met leaders and pastors, I discovered that Kingdom life, like salt, is doing its work … Continue reading

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Legacies of Leadership

Into dark halls of prison cells I saw grace spread its presence. Today in 128 countries, volunteers—Orthodox, Evangelicals and Catholics—weekly line up at prison gates to be checked in and then go in where some citizens can’t get out.  These 100,000 Christian volunteers enter worlds Jesus warned us we’d likely forget. Ron Nikkel and I visited seven prisons in Central America, meeting leaders, volunteers and boards, praying, hugging and talking with inmates, families and children. I’ve … Continue reading


A beautiful moment in an awful place

Prisons are scary, dreary, frightfully cold, smelling of disinfective, noisy and confusing. After signing in, giving up passports, frisked, and checked over, we walked through a maze of corridors, topped with rolls of razor sharp fencing. We would be in two places: the open block Section 8 and maximum security cell block Section 7. Prisoners … Continue reading


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