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  • Brian C. Stiller, Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) travels the world, meeting leaders in church, politics and service agencies, representing the WEA in places of social, economic and political struggle. His blogging is to broker understanding and highlight the good news of Christian faith. He invites you to share your thoughts, concerns, hopes and dreams on issue's which he has commented.
Praying for the World_3

Praying for the World

Over the past few years, in travelling to many countries, I’ve discovered the footprints of the Spirit, and in Dispatches written about them. Baker has published a book, released just a few days ago, in which we’ve taken 52 and made them in to devotional chapters. This provides one chapter a week, in your devotional, … Continue reading


ISIS – Composite

ISIS WHAT IS IT? WHERE DID IT COME FROM? WHAT IS ITS INTENT? WHAT IS OUR RESPONSE?   (A Four Part Series) ISIS Part I What it is ISIS (Daesh)* is a flowering thorn attached to a stem and rooted in a life-sustaining soil. ISIS is the bloom; an extremist messianic Wahhabism (Salafism) is the stem; … Continue reading


A Human Tidal Wave

The twin engine plane banked to the left, as we skirted the beach and lined up for the island runway. Something bright and orange caught my eye. It was a life jacket on the beach, not just one but thousands upon thousands, littering the beaches of the Greek island of Lesbos. [A little New Testament … Continue reading

ISIS Blog 4


Has ISIS peaked? Will it soon fall into ruins, as all madly driven and ferocious movements seem to do? Its sudden rise as global terrorist #1 seemed to catch all by surprise. As small as it was in its beginning, its capacity to sustain a crescendo of unspeakable violence along with its ability to capture … Continue reading

ISIS Blog 3


How did a group of religiously fanatical warriors grab hold of world media, shock us with blood-spattered video, shame us with growing fear, and sweep across north central Iraq and the heartland of Syria, grabbing control, imposing their version of Sharia law and bamboozling tens of thousands of Iraqi troops? Unprecedented in my experience, ISIS … Continue reading


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